A spirit to social commitment and patriotism and responsibility towards Nation are ingrained in all students. Scouts & Guides, NCC and Nature Conservation Club on one hand and social activities on other helps to develop a sense of maturity and humanity. Simultaneously, school maintains transparency between management and students and form “Student Council”. The student body corresponds to Student Council that voices the needs, wants and concerns of the student body to the administration (i.e. management, principals and teachers). Council also takes the responsibility of encouraging school spirit and maintaining discipline through 'spirit week' (a week filled with events so that students can take part in activities like - a jello eating contest, a dance competition, etc) or council meetings. Election process is purely based on performance and self-initiation habit, the student then undergoes a hierarchy.

  • Head Boy/Girl
  • Captain
  • Vice Captain
  • Prefects
  • Members

Apart from this the students have option to choose their clubs. The idea of Student Club has the soul motto of shaping confident minds of pupil who want to groom their hobbies and develop more. Dance Club, Music Club, Literature Club, Eco Club, Math’s Club, English Club, Geo Club, Social Science and many more.

The various clubs inculcate the following skills in our students :


To achieve our larger goals of creating consciencious and responsible citizens, we endeavour to develop confidence and leadership in our Students. The Students Council comprising elected student leaders and prefects ensure a link between the student community and faculty. Students are sensitized to the hallmarks of leadership like self-discipline, self-control, social awareness, positive thinking and responsibility towards the environment, community and nation


The ability to communicate clearly, correctly and positively in English, Hindi and the languages taught are the key to achievement and success. Accordingly, the school has evolved a learning environment where students get sample opportunity for effective communicative skills.


DALIMSS Sunbeam Schools consider it important for students to learn think for themselves. They are encouraged to ask questions and not be passive recipients of information. They are given situations in which they have to use imaginative, innovative and organizational skills. A structured programme aimed at the development of problem solving and thinking skills is followed.


The value of inner discipline and the belief that the ultimate aim of civilization is a well-ordered life in a peaceful society are at all times conveyed to the students. Value Education classes aimed at instilling a sense of morality and ethics and activities that promote team spirit, fellowship and self-control aid the formation of character in our children