School Library


The library remains open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for students and staff use. A fully automated centre with a catalogue, wide range of resources, computers, CDs and cassettes along with a book covering a wide range of subjects. There is a large Reference Section which is well equipped with Journals, Reference Books, Encyclopedia and a variety of newspapers and magazines. The aim is to provide a lively research area within the school. A number of books on competitive exams, foreign languages, CBSE & NCERT Books and children's storybooks are added to the stock of books in the library each year. A special competition corner has been setuped for the past 10 years which helpes the students in preparing for IIT-JEE, PMT & other competitive exams to brainstorm and prepare for their exams with the help of books, journals, previous years papers etc.

A special reading room for tiny tots (Play Group - II) has a number of Rhyme Books, Comics, Language building games, Audio & Visual centre, Cassettes, CDs, DVDs and a huge activity box comprising puzzles, vocabulary building games, soft toys, other toys to enhance fine and motor skills in children. Students are taken to this reading room twice a week to learn, read, play and have fun.

To make the visit to the library interesting for the students many activities are organized throughout the session like Book mark making activity, Greeting card making, Poster making, Drawing competition, Brain storming activity and Book review activity for all classes. Students participate in exciting competitions with great enthusiasm.